Stigfurpatrullen is a contemporary dance- and art company that sprung from Örebro/Sweden in 2003. The company is founded and managed by the choreographer, Sophie Stigfur. Stigfurpatrullen consists of a various number of members specialized in different fields of art; dance, music, stage design, costume and light design. Significant for our work is that professional dancers are mixed with people without formal background in dance, and that the ensemble is flexible in the sense that the members are shifting according to the character of the current project.
We often work from the sense of a new world - which must discovered, dissected and finally devoured by an audience. To visualize that world, most of our projects start with an idea for stage design - an embodiment of the atmosphere we want to experiment with. We often create new conditions for each performance to be able to experience it as intensively as the first time we discovered it.
Stigfurpatrullen has completed seven major productions so far, together with a wide variety of smaller projects/installations/happenings. The members of Stigfurpatrullen are now gathered in Stockholm, currently working with a new project which will be continuous for 2011.

The facts

  • Contemporary dance and art company
  • Founded 2003 in Örebro, Sweden
  • Based in Stockholm
  • Managed by choreographer Sophie Stigfur
  • Includes members specialized in art, dance, music, light design, costume, stage design

Previous members

Anna Axiotis, Joel Larsson, Max Olander, Ida Sidenvall, Lova Kraftling, Celine Orman, Robert Logrell, Robin Larsson, David Kling-Odencrantz, Emil Sörman, Pär Alvinzi, Fridolf Lundmark, Disa Krosness, Kaspar Liepins, Caroline Byström, Janna Dyst, Viktoria Lindquist, Mårten K. Axelsson, Stina Neuhoff, Anna Johansson, Gaianeh Pilossian